Welcome to the West Chester Gun Club

The West Chester Gun Club and Athletic Association is a shotgun sporting club located in the heart of Chester County, PA outside of West Chester Pa, and just south of Exton, PA. We are one of the oldest clubs in the state with our incorporation date of April 1898.

We offer trapshooting every Tuesday afternoon and Sunday’s on our 4 lighted trap fields. West Chester Gun Club is open to the public for general practice and registered shoots. Registered ATA shoots are held on the first Sunday between March and October.

Our friendly members welcome all members and guest for a day of fun clay breaking and camaraderie.

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Latest News

2020 Memberships / Renewals are Available Now

Memberships for the 2020-2021 season run from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

New members are welcome to join at any time while members looking to renew are encouraged to renew before March 31.

Memberships are available at the clubhouse or online. Online renewals will need to follow the link sent to them via email.

New Memberships are $70 for the year and renewals before March 31 are $60. Membership renewals after March 31, will be $70.

2019 Club Championship Winners


Prize Shooter
High Over All Gary Welsh
Singles Club Champ Ray Natale
Singles Club Runner-Up Darrell cook
Singles Open Runner-Up John Cavalli
Singles Sr. Vet Jim Caldwell
Singles Vet Bob Hofman
Singles Lady Club Not Enough Shooters in Category
Singles Lady Open Rachel Rittler
Singles Jr Not Enough Shooters in Category
Singles Lewis A Jack Rodgers
Singles Lewis B Lou Liberato
Singles Lewis C Peter McGowan
Singles Lewis D Bill Dune
Handicap Club Champ Mario Dimascia
Handicap Club Runner-Up Darrell cook
Handicap Open Runner-Up Peter McGowen
Handicap Sr. Vet Rick Sholtz
Handicap Vet Bob Hofman
Handicap Lady Club Not Enough Shooters in Category
Handicap Lady Open Not Enough Shooters in Category
Handicap Jr Not Enough Shooters in Category
Handicap 19-21 Scott Kalnas
Handicap 22-24 Stephen Burick
Handicap 25-27 Ray Natale

Full Results Here

Club Championship – Sunday Oct 6

October 6 the 2019 West Chester Gun Club Championship will take place starting at 10:00. This open to all shooters event will have 24 trophies in 2 categories over 2 events. Shooters can shoot at 100 single targets and 100 handicap targets for only $30 per 100, hot lunch included. Trophies are awarded in Club Member and Open categories.


Club Member High Over All (must be a Club Member to win)

Singles Handicap
Club Champion:
Open Champion:
Club Runner-up:
Sr. Vet Champion:
Vet Champion:
Lady Club Champion:
Lady Open Champion:
Junior Open Champion:
Lucky Draw 1, 2, 3, & 4
Club Champion:
Open Champion:
Club Runner-up:
Sr. Vet Champion:
Vet Champion:
Lady Club Champion:
Lady Open Champion:
Junior Open Champion:
19 – 21:
22 – 24:
25 – 27:

Cost and Fees

Each Event: $30


Lewis Class: $10 per event
ATA registered scores: $5
Middle 50 (Handicap) $2


Starting Tuesday September 24, Pre-squadding for the singles event is available via a clipboard at the club house. Please place your name on the next available squad or the squad with the estimated start time you wish to shoot at. We will try to get the squads out on time, all pre-squad shooters are

Rules / Notes:

  • Club Championship is open to Club and Non-Club Members
  • Registration opens at 9:30 am and closes at 11:30am for singles. Late registrations can enter in any open events until registration for those events close.
  • Only Club Members are eligible for Club Champion and Runner-up Prizes.
  • All shooters are eligible for “Open” class trophies.
  • Minimum 5 shooters per category to award trophy.
  • Veteran Open trophy is eligible for Club and Non-Club shooters over 65, Sr vet for shooters over 70.
  • High Over All awarded to club member with the most targets hit from both events. Only Open to Club Members
  • ATA rules will govern this shoot.
  • Handicap Classification will be based on ATA averages as well as assigned yardage plus known ability. See Below
  • It is the shooter responsibility to provide their ATA number for proper handicap classification and registration of targets.
  • All ties for trophies will be shot off (or flipped for if both shooters wish)
  • Lucky draw trophies awarded Lewis class style with reverse run breaking ties.
  • If you leave the club grounds and are in a shoot off (tie), this will be considered a forfeit. (Check your scores posted before leaving the club grounds)
  • Trophies not picked up the day of the event will be held at the club house for future pick-up
  • No changes will be made after the trophies and Lewis classes have been figured.
  • No shooter can win more than one trophy in any event.
  • Only Club Members in good standing will be eligible to shoot for Club Trophies.
  • The Club reserves the right to reject any entry or alter this program should weather or any condition change.
  • This is an all weather event!
  • Lewis Class: 1 class for every 10 shooters. Maximum of 5 classes. 60/40 split or high gun ties divide award.

ATA Target Requirements-Penalties:

  • Shooters who do not have a total of 800 handicap targets registered with the ATA in the current and 2 previous years will be advanced 2 yards beyond their ATA yardage with a minimum of 23 yards.
  • Shooters without an established yardage shall be placed at a minimum of 23 yards or higher at the discretion of the classification committee.
  • Junior Shooters will be assessed yardage as dictated in the ATA Rule book. (under 15 = 19 yards / Over 15 = 20 yards)