About Trapshooting

Trapshooting a shotgun sport where shooters attempt to break clay targets that are thrown to mimic the flight of a ground nesting bird as if a hunter was approaching it. Clay targets are thrown from a bunker or “house” that holds a trap machine. In order to simulate the unpredictable flight patterns of birds taking wing, the targets are sprung out of the trap at various angles and in various directions. The clay pigeons rise to a minimum height of about 20 ft and, unless hit, fall to the ground about 50 yards.

Shooters will line up on the play field at a minimum of 16 yards away from the point of release. Each shooter calls for and attempts to break the clay target.

Variation of the game can be played. Games typically include Singles, Handicap, and Doubles.  Club games can be played as well. Read more about the game variations here.

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