Division of Prize Options or Money in Trapshooting Events

In events where prizes are awarded (cash prizes) the shoot management will announce the division option that the club or shoot chooses to use. This will be announced before any shooter can pay for the event, normally on the event program. Shoot or event management will call that prizes are dived by “Percentage” or “Hi Gun”.

The Percentage System:

In a percentage system, a fixed amount of prizes are pre-determined. A typical division of prize might be “50-30-20%”.  In this example there are to be awarded 3 prizes to top 3 scores.  The shooter or shooters who have the high score will be awarded 50% of the purse total. If multiple shooters have tied at the high score, they will equally divide the top purse, which is no greater that 50% of the total purse for the day.

The second highest score (shooter or shooters) will be awarded or divide amongst them, 30% of the events total purse. Likewise the 3rd highest score also is awarded or shares in 20% of the event’s purse.


An event has 100 entries @ $10. The event purse is at $1,000.

The event is listed at: Class Purse 50-30-20% (Percentage)

Scores: Calculation Prize awarded each shooter
3 @ 99 50% of $1,000 = $500 / 3 = $166.67 for each shooter who scored 99
1 @ 98 30% of $1,000 = $300 / 1 = $300 for one shooter who scored 98
2 @ 97 20% of $1,000 = $200 / 2 = $100 for each shooter who scored 97
<= 96 Any shooter under the top 3 scores is out of the money.

Note: the event may have a fixed portion of an entry fee go to the prize or entry into the prize may be an optional fee. If a shooter chooses not to enter into the optional prize, they are not in the running for the prize, therefore the money is awarded to and divided amongst the top the scores and the shooters who have paid for the option.

High Gun:

“HiGun”, “High Gun” or “High-Gun” are all the same. This program option awards skill over luck with the high scores always winning larger prizes. This system varies from the percentage system that the split options are added together and split evenly for any ties. We need to look at an example for a better explanation.


An event is listed at 40/30/20/10 High Gun.

The numbers are the splits possible for the money prizes. If we have 4 shooters who each obtained a unique score (no ties) we award the prizes in 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% for each shooter with the highest score awarded the 40%.

If shooters tie, the money divisions are added together to award the high gun first.

In our example of 40/30/20/10 High Gun if 2 shooters share the same high score (99), a third shooter scores a 98, and 3 shooters share a score of 97 the money prize is share as such.

As the division splits are for each shooter, we combine the top 2 prizes to award the top 2 high guns. The 40% & 30% prizes are combined and split evenly to the top 2 High Guns. The lone shooter who scored the next high score is now awarded the 20% prize, while the 3 shooters who scored the 3rd highest score split the 10% prize.

High gun prizes will be listed and paid on 1 of 2 methods.

Fixed Method:

The fixed method is declared without concern of the number of shooters who enter into the option. The awards are set that no mater how many shooters enter, the number of prizes awarded will be fixed.

Variable Method:

The variable method is beneficial for when the number of shooter will be unknown. The program will list a prize will be awarded for every-n-shooters. As more shooter enter the option, the number of prizes awarded increase.


If a shoot is listed as “High Gun: one money per 6 entries …. $10” after every 6 entries, the number of prizes awarded increases.

>6 = 1 prize at 100%

7-11 = 2 prizes at 60/40

12-17 = 3 prizes at 50-30-20

18-23 = 4 prizes at 40-30-20-10

shoot management may leave the option open (creating an new money division for every X shooters) or declare no more than a maximum number of option options. In this case, the prizes awarded are flexible until enough shooters have entered when the prize turns to a fixed money division option.

Event management might provide money prize options for the entire event, each sub event,  each class in each sub event or any combination of the 3. It is the shooters responsibility to know what prize options they wish to enter. Shooters can not modify their money options once an event or sub event which the option being played for has started.

Class & Yardage Prizes:

Cash prizes are awarded for the shooters who perform well in the class or yardage group they are in as designated by the ATA. Prizes could be awarded by High Gun or Percentage for each class or yardage group. The breakdown will be listed on the event program.