Money Options

The following prize games are called “options” or “optional” as they are typically played in addition to any set prize by event management.

Sub Event

The sub event typically is used for games or options played that use the fees of the shooter playing to award prizes for performance in a sub set of the entire event string.


Used for handicap events normally split 100% of the pot, scores from a specific set of 25 out of 100 is used to award the prize.
Example: Handicap 25s (trap house 2) – 100%. The high scores of all shooters playing the option from their set on trap 2 is used to award the prize. Ties divide the pot.

30/20 25 Pair

Used for doubles events


The sum of scores from two 25-bird sub events are added to yield the score for the 50’s In singles it can be the sum of any combination of the 4 traps. (trap 1 + trap 3) or any combination.

Purse, Jackpot,

Interchangeable but typically “Jackpot” is reserved for prizes awarded for the entire event while “Purse” may be used for classes, or sub-event prizes.

Jackpot, Perfect & Perpetual Purse

The prize money is awarded for a perfect score. If the prize is not awarded at the current event the prize money is carried over to the next event.

Event management shall provide details on how a purse continues or how a pure will discontinue and what will become of the purse once the option has ended.

Lewis Class & Modified Lewis Class:

The Lewis Class system is a way to award prize or money to shooter in an event. The winners typically are the high gun and then shooters who happen to fall with in a winning position by luck of their score.

To fully explain the Lewis System, visit this page.