Trap Shooting Lessons

West Chester Gun Club is chartered to support the sport of trapshooting and gun safety.

Lessons and Instruction

Comprehensive Trap Lessons are offered on many Saturday mornings at 8:45 am except on club “special event” days. Class size is limited to 5 students and reservations can be made by (1) visiting the clubhouse during operating hours, (2) signing up for a desired date, (3) completing a liability waiver and (4) making payment in advance for a reservation.

The instruction takes approximately 2 ½ hours to complete. A SAFETY CHECK card is typically issued following the lesson allowing the individual to shoot independently at the Club during normal operating times.

This course is appropriate for new shooters interested in clay target shooting to even more experienced shotgun shooters with a desire to establish a solid foundation in clay target shooting.

Instruction includes the “Daily Fee” for club use, patterning board dynamics to understand the mechanics of shot performance followed by a 2 (two) full trap rounds on the trap field. Key elements are proper and safe gun handling, the various trap games, etiquette when shooting with others and strategy for maximizing success breaking clay targets. Areas of class discussion include shotgun selection and ammunition, basic shotgun fit and implications of choke selection.  Class fee includes 50 clay targets, 2 boxes of 25 shotgun shells, hearing protection and the use of a Browning BT-99 Premium trap specific shotgun. We ask participants to bring safety glasses as a personal item. Regular plastic lens eyeglasses are acceptable.  If you own a shotgun suitable for trapshooting, that can be used instead of the Club trap shotgun.

Youth Shooters

All ages are welcome but parents are to judge if the child is ready for the sport and can physically and emotionally handle firearms.  Our instructor will determine if the child is able to hold the firearm safely and continue with the sport before starting the lesson – consequently, for youngsters age 15 and under, please arrange to meet with the instructor prior to scheduling a lesson to assess overall suitability.

Corporate Events – Group Events

Do you have a group or business team looking to for a first class shooting experience. We can accommodate groups of 15 or more who wish to shoot and learn together as a team building exercise or outing. Normally – groups consist of both shooters with prior firearms experience as well as inexperienced shooters so everyone participates. Contact us at for more information.

Private Lessons

Private instruction is available and prices are set between the student and the instructor.

Guest Instructors

From time to time we host professional, national instructors who will hold trapshooting clinics at WCGC.


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