How many Eyes

Trapshooting UniversityOne Eye or Two

One of the most common things you will hear from trapshooters trying to help a struggling shooter is “are you shooting with both eyes open?” Many offer this item of thought to the shooter in a good attempt to help the shooter see the bird better, but it can just cause more problems.

While 2 eye vision is ideal, there are many world class shooters that shoot with only one eye open. The slight differences between one eye and two eye shooters can be overcome easily and the shooter should not focus to much on 1 or 2 eyes until they have become proficient in the sport.

To find out if you should be a 1 eye shooter or 2 eye shooter you will need to know which is your dominate eye. Perform the test below and take note of your eye dominance.

Finding Dominate Eye

Test 1

Extend your arm and index finger to point at a distant object on the wall or stationary object in the distance. One at a time, close your right eye, then your left, switching between which eye is open. Whatever eye sees your finger pointing at the object when open, is your dominate eye.

Eye Dominance Test 1

Test 2

eye dominate testPlace your hands together,  palms out and extend your arms. Make a small aperture or space between the webbing of your thumbs. Looking through the opening, find a object in the distance. Continue to look at the object while bringing your hands close to your face. The side of you face your arms bring the aperture to is your dominate eye.