Natural Point of Aim

Trapshooting UniversityThe natural point of aim is the position the shooter brings the gun to when not providing any adjustments by body movement. It is the position the gun will return to after settling back down from the upward movement of the recoil.

It is useful to understand your natural point of aim to better set yourself in at the firing line.

How to Find Your Natural Point of Aim

  • Take a shooting stance and mount the gun.
  • Look at a point in the distance where your gun is pointed.
  • Close your eyes with the gun mounted.
  • Move the gun up and then back down as if you fired a shot, or move the gun from side to side, swinging through the memorized aim point.
  • With your eyes closed and still mounted, return the gun where it feels natural.
  • Open your eyes and check the guns position to where you originally mounted the gun to.

If your gun is back at the aim point where you started, then you are on your natural point of aim. Chances are you may be slightly off to one side or another. If this is the case, you correct this by moving your leading foot in the direction you need the barrel to go while adjusting your back foot to maintain proper balance. Always make adjustments to natural point of aim with your feet, not the upper body.