Proper Positioning, Stance and Weight Distribution

Trapshooting UniversityWe refer to the next few steps before shooting the pre-shoot routine. The first step is setting up the body position for optimal success.

Upon approaching any station the shooter needs to take a comfortable stance. Each shooter is different and the following guidelines are more of a starting point and the shooter will need to find what works best for them.

Foot Position

The feet should be about shoulder with apart and may be slightly open (do not need to be straight forward). No foot should be more angled than the other as we will obtain a balanced stance. We will want to keep the feet on the ground for the 5 shots at the station. No foot cool or lifting of the heals.



The shooter should take a stance that again, is comfortable and allows for quick movement without over tension of the muscles. The forward knee should be slightly bent with the rear leg straight. The upper body will lean slightly forward from the waist up  and not be overly aggressive.


Place about 60% of the shooter weight on the forward leg and 40% on the rear. The shooter should feel a slight lean forward which will intern lean into the gun to manage our perceived recoil.


Lastly we can look at alignment. This again is very subjective to shooters preference. For the right handed shooter, square your shoulders to the front of the concrete shooting pad for station 1-3. Once we get to station 4 and 5 the shooter should angle a bit outside to assist with the point of aim. This slight angle allows for the shooters body to more naturally track the fast right hand targets at these stations.


The left handed shooter will open their stance for stations 1 & 2 while keeping their shoulders square for stations 3 – 5.


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