Shooting Gear

Trapshooting UniversityWhat Gear Is Needed to Shoot Trap?

As with any shooting sport safety is paramount. All shooters need eye and ear protection. This is mandatory. Next, the athlete needs a shotgun. Tips of purchasing a shot gun can be found here. Lastly, the shooter can benefit from the following accessories.

Shooting vest or shot shell pouch to hold a box of shells

Designed to keep your shells at waist level allowing you to feed the gun from a know location. A shooting vest can add extra padding and other features to make your day on the range more enjoyable. If you do not have a way to keep a box shells at waist level, take 5 shells per station and place them in a pocket (pants or coat). Place the box with the remaining shells on the ground. Feed the gun using the shells from your pocket. When it is time to switch stations, pick up the box of shells, take 5 shells off the top row, and place them in a pocket. Continue this process for all 5 stations.

Recoil Reducers

Recoil reducers can be physical or temporary modifications to the gun or the addition of a gel pad to one’s shooting vest. The goal is to reduce the kinetic energy that is put into the shooter from the action of firing the gun. Gun modifications can be counter weights or pads added to the stock. Brands like Kick-eez offer customizable pads that can be added to the stock. When modifying your stock with additional padding be cautious that the length of pull may increase.


Some shooters will have blinders on the sides of their shooting glasses. Having blinders on the side of the eyewear helps the shooter maintain down-range vision. This may also help some athletes not notice other distracting movements on the firing line from other competitors. As well as the side blinders, some shooters also have a blinder over their non-dominant eye.


A towel may be important int he summer months when you are on the trap line in extreme heat. The towel can be used to dry your hands and wipe sweat off you and your gun.


A hat is nice to have to manage sun light.

Shell Catcher

When using a semi-automatic shotgun a shell catch is considerate to have. Not only are the shells that eject are distracting to the shooters on the line as they hit the concrete, they tend to hit the shooter to the right. As this shooter is the next to fire, it can be very distracting to defend oneself from a shell before taking aim at their next shot. Of note is the shooter to your right may have a very expensive gun and your shells may ding or dent that firearm. A shell catcher will prevent the shell from traveling a distance away from your gun. We recommend the following options. The low tech approach is to use a rubber band placed just in front of the pull leaver on the bolt. the rubber band tends to know down the shell enough as to not hit the athlete to the right.

Colored Lenses

Shooting glasses come in many different colors. if you wish to use colored lenses, you are looking for a color to enhance the orange of the target while separating the orange from the background. The lighting conditions through the day, color of the sky, amount of leaves on the trees can all lead to the shooter changing the color of their lenses.
Yellow, purple and pink lenses seem to be popular.