Types of Shot Shells to Use

Trapshooting UniversityWhen selecting shells to use for trapshooting you want to pick a brand or reload recipe that is consistent. Manufactured shells that have Target Load or a picture of a clay target on the box are typically used in trap shooting. Some shooters wish to use faster loads when shooting handicap to limit increased leads in tracking the target. Here are some guidelines when choosing your ammunition.

The speed of the shot can not exceed 1290 feet per second (FPS) with a maximum shot charge of 1 1/8 ounces, or 1325 FPS with a shot charge of 1 oz, or 1350 FPS with a shot charge of 7/8 oz.

No shot larger than 7.5 can be used.

Gauge Max Shot Size Max Speed
12 or under 1 1/8 oz 1290
12 or under 1 oz 1325
12 or under 7/8 oz 1350

Dove loads or other bird loads are acceptable but may get strange looks from others on the field as they sound different from the shells they are using. Overall, stick with target loads to save money and get a reliable shell.