Types of Games Played

Standard Games


Singles is played with up to five shooters lining up at the 16yd positions behind the house. Each shooter in turn takes aim, calls for the bird and attempts to break the bird with their shot. The round ends after each shooter has taken 5 attempts at each station for a total of 25 shots.


Handicap is played the same way as singles except the shooter is moved further away from the house based on skill level. A shooter may be anywhere from 18 – 27 yards behind the house. Game play follows the same rules as singles.


Doubles is played from the 16 yard positions with the trap machine launching 2 targets simultaneously. The machine is placed on stationary so the targets fly predictable paths. The shooter has 2 shots to break the 2 targets in flight before they hit the ground.


Club Games (non-standard games)

Green Bird

Green bird is a club game where green targets are placed in the machine with the traditional orange targets. During a round of 5 shooters, at least 2 green targets will be launched. The shooter who hits the first green target is awarded a prize. WCGC also awards a prize for the High Gun (high score) or the next high score if the shooter who broke the green bird is also the round’s high gun. Prizes typically consists of meat or cash.

Long Bird

The long bird is a skill challenge where a shooter stands on the 27 yard position. A bird is called for from an adjacent trap house ( if shooter is at field 1, position 1, 27 yards, the bird is thrown from trap 2 ). The shooter attempts to break the bird with one shot. The distance could be 60 yards or more.

Annie Oakley

Shooters take position at a yardage further than 20, typically 27 yards. 3 shooters mount their guns. The first shooter (closest to position 1) calls for the bird and shoots. If shooter #1 hits the bird, no one else can shoot. If shooter #1 misses, while the bird is in flight shooter #2 fires. If shooter #2 hits the bird, shooter #1 is eliminated. If shooter #2 misses, shooter #3 fires, and if they hit the bird, shooters #1 & #2 are eliminated. If all 3 miss, all shooters are safe. If a shooter shoots out of turn, or shoots after the target is broken, they are eliminated. The next round is lead by the shooter following the one that broke the target, or if all missed, #2 shooter.

Adjustable Yardage

Shooters start at a agreed upon position and distance. Each shooter in rotation calls for a target and attempts to break the target. If the shooter breaks the target, their next attempt will be from a position 1 yard greater than where they last broke the target. If the shooter misses, they move forward (closer to the house) 1 yard position. The winner is the shooter at the end who is the farthest away from the house.