Public / Guest Policy

West Chester Gun Club maintains a safe environment for all wishing to visit our grounds. All non-members (public visitors and guests of members) are subject to the following:

Each shooter is subject to pay a day fee to use the grounds and equipment. The fee is a one time fee for the day of visit on top of other costs incurred for the cost of targets or other purchases. If the non-member joins the club int he same day after paying the non-member fee, their membership will be reduced by the amount of the fee already paid.

Each shooter is required to sign a waiver at the front desk. Waivers may be printed and brought with you. A shooter will only need one waiver on file.

Each shooter will be subjected to a safety check / review. A instructor, coach, or trusted member will review the safety procedures followed by the non-member and approve that guest as being safe. The guest shooter will be granted a safety check card which they can show on future visits to bypass a secondary safety check.

Any non-member without a safety check card issued to them will not be allowed to shoot until a safety check has been performed.