Range Rules and Safety Procedures

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Shooters must follow all rules and directions set by the Club, Management and Club Staff. Failure to obey safety rules can result in immediate loss of shooting privileges.

Any new shooter may ask for an introduction to trapshooting and gun handling procedures. Please let someone at the front desk know you are a new shooter and would like an introduction.

Range Rules:

  • Guns must be transported with actions open on Club property. Barrels must be pointed in a safe direction at all times. Keep the action of your gun open unless you are on the Firing Line and it is your turn to shoot.
  • Shooting of shotguns on Club property is only allowed during Club hours. The only permitted targets are those thrown from the Club’s Trap machines and single projectiles are never permitted.
  • All shooters and persons in the vicinity of the Firing Line must wear eye and ear protection.
  • Never chamber a shell in your firearm unless you are on the Firing line with the action open. Only load one shell at a time unless shooting “Trap Doubles.” When closing the action, the barrel must be pointed down range and not aimed near your feet or at the trap walkway. When changing shooting positions, you must move with an empty, unloaded firearm with the action open.
  • The barrel must be placed on a walkway rubber pad prior to shooting and in between shots. The action MUST NEVER BE CLOSED when the firearm is resting on the rubber pad. Maintain Muzzle Control at all times.
    Exception: ATA shooters are permitted to conform to ATA gun handling rules.
  • Shotguns must be sporting type firearm with a barrel length of 28” or greater. Home defense, tactical and pistol grip shotgun types are not permitted. Shooters are not permitted to share firearms on the Firing Line. All shooters must use a shell carrier, vest or pouch and not place shotgun shell boxes on the ground at the Firing Line.
  • Never approach the Firing Line when there is a Safety Cone on the trap house or on the Trap Walkway. Only authorized personnel are permitted forward of the 16 yard Firing Line.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on club property. No one may operate firearms if under the influence or impaired by any substance.
  • Follow all directions provided by Safety Observers, Trappers and Club Staff immediately. Unsportsmanlike behavior or arguing will result in immediate removal from the Firing Line and possible loss of shooting privileges. An Emergency Cease Fire can called by anyone and firearms must be immediately unloaded and placed in a gun rack.
  • Keep the shooting area clean at all times. Pick up your empty shotgun shell hulls only after the squad has completed shooting and your firearm is in the gun rack. DO NOT pick up empty hulls during the round or sweep any person with the muzzle of your firearm at any time.
  • Ejected shells must not strike adjacent shooters or cause a distraction. All semiautomatic shotguns MUST have a shell catcher/rubber band to retain the empty hull. Pump shotguns must not be operated in a manner that ejects shells towards other shooters.
  • Only lead shot is permitted. (Shot Sizes #7 ½, #8 or #9). Larger size shot is NOT allowed. (Maximum velocity permitted by shot charge: 1 1/8 oz – 1290 fps, 1 oz – 1325 fps, 7/8 oz or less – 1350 fps). The Pattern Board is for target shot shells only as described above.
  • Individuals who have never shot “organized trap” are required to (a.) complete a Trap Lesson with a Safety Check or (b.) demonstrate proper trap safety, firearm handling and etiquette by independently and safely passing a Safety Check (25 targets) under the supervision of an individual authorized by Club Staff. A Safety Check is not a Trap Lesson and the requirement is ABSOLUTE adherence to trapshooting etiquette and safe gun handling to qualify to shoot at the Club. All shooters are subject to a Safety Check at any time.
  • All shooters must be legally able to own and operate a firearm and not be a “Prohibited Person” as defined by Federal & State laws to shoot at this Club.