Archery at WCGC

Archery at WCGC

The West Chester Gun Club’s archery range is on the east side of our 22 acres. All Club memberships include access to our Archery Range. There is not a separate Archery-Only Membership.

Recently leveled and planted with new grass, we continue to improve one of the most convenient archery ranges in the Delaware Valley.

Archery Facilities

Orientation session required to access the archery field.

  • Orientations are completed on Wednesday evenings by appointment.
  • Archery Director Chuck Matasic

Archery Field is available from sunrise to sunset anytime trapshooting is not taking place.

Trap schedule:

  • Sunday: 10am – 3pm
  • Tuesday: 3pm – 7pm

Target Bay consists of 4 targets.

  • 35″ square plus additional hanging targets.

Distance shooting line markers are ground level at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards.

Notify the Archery Director by email at of any recommendations, safety issues or problems.

Archery Hours / Pricing


  • Once you become a member of the West Chester Gun Club, no additional fees are required.
  • Club Membership is $100 per year [April 1 to March 31]
  • The archery range is only open to members and their guests.


Archery Field is available from sunrise to sunset anytime trapshooting is not taking place.

Trap schedule:

  • Sunday: 10am – 3pm
  • Tuesday: 3pm – 7pm

Archery Range Rules

Safety is the first consideration in using this archery range.

NEVER point a bow and arrow at another person.

NEVER shoot an arrow straight up into the air.

NEVER shoot an arrow at any target unless shooting from the authorized shooting positions.

In the event of any serious accident, call 911 immediately.

All Federal, State and Local laws must be obeyed. Absolutely no firearms are permitted to be discharged at the Archery Field.

The Archery Range is open for use only during authorized archery shooting periods and scheduled archery events. No archery is permitted when the trap range is in use.

  • At the Archery Range the only safe place is behind the shooting line. Never shoot an arrow until you are positive that no one is in front of you or behind the targets. Conversely, do not stand in front of a bow while it is being shot, even if you are to one side of the shooter.
  • If you are looking for a lost arrow behind a target, always leave your bow leaning against the target face or hanging in front of the target so that it will be seen by other archers. If possible, have another archer stand in front of the target to prevent anyone from shooting.
  • If you are shooting wood, carbon or fiberglass arrows, check them regularly for cracks. If a crack is found, break it immediately to ensure that it will not be accidentally used.
  • Check your bow regularly for cracks or twisting. Check the condition of your bowstring regularly.
  • DO NOT draw a bowstring further back than the length of the arrow for which it is intended.
  • DO NOT draw the bowstring back except with an arrow on it and, especially, do not release the bowstring with no arrow on it. Doing so is called dry firing and can damage the bow or cause injury to yourself or bystanders.
  • Use only authorized paper, cardboard and 3D targets. No glass, wood, or disintegrating targets are allowed.
  • Inspect the Archery Range prior to use including targets and practice butts.
  • Arrows should only be nocked when you are on the shooting line and pointed at the target.
  • WALK do not run toward the targets.
  • When removing arrows from a target, stand to one side and ensure that no one is directly behind you.
  • Broadhead arrows are prohibited. Only field or target points are allowed.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages prior to or during your time on the Archery Range.
  • Do not take any drugs, even prescription drugs they may inhibit your ability to be safe at the range. Ask your doctor to confirm side effects.
  • Any unsafe conditions should be reported to the Club Archery Director.
  • Range equipment is Club property and may not be altered or removed from the range.
  • Vehicles are not permitted on the trap fields without the permission of the Archery Director or Club Staff.
  • Members are fully responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests.
  • Guests must complete and sign the Club Liability Waiver and have it on file in the Clubhouse.
  • Guests are limited to 2 visits and should apply for Club membership for further range use.
  • Parents and guardians are fully responsible for the actions and conduct of their children.
  • Shooters under the age of eighteen must have adult supervision.
  • Members must lock the “target bay” using the Combination Lock and reposition the Green Range Cover Doors before departing.
  • Violations of Range Rules, specific procedures, or any unsportsmanlike conduct will result in temporary or permanent loss of Club membership as determined by the Club Archery Director and Board of Directors.

Archery F.A.Q.

Park adjacent to the Clubhouse and walk down to the range. No vehicles are permitted to be driven on the trap fields unless authorized by Club Staff.
After a Range Briefing, you will receive the lock combination to open the target bay.

Archery is authorized from sunrise to sunset whenever the Club is not trapshooting. Trapshooting has priority at all times.

The Club is always open for trapshooting on Tuesdays 3pm to 7pm and on Sundays from 10am to 3 pm. The Club also has special trap events on some Saturdays and there are trap lessons on 2-3 Saturdays each month, ending at Noon.

The archery range is normally not busy and an archer will often be shooting alone. The exception is Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm, the traditional time to shoot with other members in a social setting.

Traditional bow, compound bow and crossbow use are permitted. Crossbows are required to be fired from a platform table or bipod support and cannot be fired offhand. There is no broadhead use permitted.

Archery Guest Policy

  • The archery range is not open to the public. Members may bring one guest for up to two visits after a guest signs a Liability Waiver and it is on file at the Clubhouse.
  • After two visits, your guests are expected to join the Club to support our Archery Program.
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