Do I need a special gun to shoot trap?

No, a special gun is not required. Most hunting shotguns will work just fine. It is recommended that you use a 12 gauge shotgun as it is the standard and the easiest to learn with.

Trapshooters are notorious gun traders and buyers and you will see everything on the shooting line from $200.00 Mossbergs to $20,000 custom trap guns with a wide range in between. The targets really don’t care and any 12 gauge gun is quite capable of breaking targets.

If you try the sport, and enjoy it, you may want to invest in a trap gun in the future, but you certainly don’t need one just to try the sport out or to shoot it casually. A word of advice would be to make sure your gun is in good, safe, clean, operating condition when you come to the club. Most hunters never shoot their guns very much compared to a gun used for trap. Several hundred rounds in a week is not uncommon for a trap gun. If your gun is dirty or has mechanical problems they will show up in a hurry on the trap line and you will have a humiliating and frustrating experience. Also, if you plan on shooting Dad’s old Sear SxS, by all means do so, but first take the gun to a gunsmith and make sure it is in sound operating condition and can withstand the rigors of trap.

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