How does the game work (singles)?

Five shooters stand at five different positions along a marked semi-circle 16 yards behind the a cement structure called a trap house. The “trap” or target throwing machine is located inside the trap house and the house serves to protect the machine, the target loader, and to hide the direction the target will be launched.

Each shooter, starting with the person on post 1 (the left most post when looking at the back of the trap house) takes a turn. He calls for and shoots at one target. Each shooter through station 5 does the same. The target is thrown anywhere in the trap field at a prescribed range of speed and angles. When all five shooters have shot one target the rotation comes around again to the post 1 shooter.

This is repeated five times (sometimes 10, depending on the club). When the shooter on post 1 calls for and shoots at his fifth target at Post 1, the scorekeeper will call the result (dead or lost) and then declare END loud enough for all to hear. This is the signal that that is the last target to be shot on this post. When shooter #5 shoots his target, all shooters move to the next post to his or her right with the shooter on post 5 walking to post 1.

The shooting then starts anew with the squad leader (the person who shot at Post 1 the first time) always leading off. So the round continues until the all shooters have completed all five posts and shot 25 shells. (Again, by new rule changes, it may be 50 targets a round instead of 25).

** A round is 25 attempts at 25 targets from the 16 yard line.

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