What special equipment do I need to shoot trap?

Not a lot.

A couple of boxes of shells of course. Each round of trap requires 1 box (25 shells). Try to avoid buying game loads. Ideally, look for a light target load. You won’t have a lot of fun if you get a black and blue shoulder or face from heavy loads.

You should also need some eye protection like a good pair of shooting glasses, and ear protection. Both are required.

You want to have a way to hold your shells too. You can wear a light hunting vest such as one used for dove or small game hunting. You can use a jacket with big pockets. You can also buy a shooting vest or shooting pouch. Vest’s typically have additional padding built into the shoulders and plenty of pocket space for shells, glasses, and hearing protection. A shell pouch is just a little pouch that attaches to your belt and holds enough shells for one or two rounds. (if you are just starting out, you can use the box that the shells are held in)

If you have none of these things including a gun, come on out to the club and tell the person running the shoot you’d like to try trap but have no equipment. We do have rental guns to use for a small fee to cover the cleaning and maintenance.

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