September Updates

Dear Members:
As summer slowly slips away, we are gearing up for some busy months. In October, we have 3 weekends of shooting for you, November has our Turkey shoots plus the Black Friday Shoot against Oxford, and we finish the year in December with our Ham shoot.
The Club is also busy on Tuesday nights as we begin shooting under the lights. We have Green Bird games as always and we are adding a mix to our prizes: either a meat prize or a round of practice.
Remember; there are 2 winners per every Green Bird game (with 5 shooters), the high gun and the shooter who breaks the green bird.

Congratulations are in order:

This year at the ATA Grand American in Sparta, Il, long-time member John Pettibone took home 3 trophies: two Class A trophies and his Yardage group Champion:
Event 1 Hodgdon Singles Score: 100 Trophy: Class A Runner-up
Event 7 Sterling Cut Glass Singles Score: 100 Trophy: Class A Third
Event 8 Gibson-Ricketts Handicap Score: 98  Trophy: (21.0 – 22.5) Champion
At the 2014 Westy Hogans in Elysberg, Pa, Club member Greg Presson broke his first 200 straight in competition. Greg was the only PA resident to accomplish this feat this year and was awarded Runner-Up.
If you see John or Greg, congratulate them both on their impressive achievements.

Learn to Shoot Doubles with new Board Member Jeff Graupp —

Jeff Graupp will be instructing next Sunday, September 21, anyone wishing to learn how to shoot doubles. We will hold this session at 11:00 am. Students will cover targets at their normal rate ($10 for 50 targets).  Jeff is a former Doubles State Champion and you will be breaking more targets than before with Jeff’s tutelage.

October is for Trap Shooting:

The first weekend in October, we will be holding our final ATA 100’s of the 2014 calendar year. Singles, Handicaps and Doubles will be available. Come out to get your 2015 target year going strong before the winter sets in. October 5th @ 11:00 am

National Trap Shooting Day and the William Baldwin Memorial – October 12 @ 11:00 am

The second weekend in October, we host the William Baldwin Memorial 50 Bird Shoot. This is a fun shoot where the high gun and runner-up each take home a cash prize. All entries are added into the Lewis Class.  The Shoot costs $15 for 50 single targets at the 16-yard line. As part of National Trapshooting Day, all shooters at the club will receive an ATA pin (until they run out). In addition, shooter may elect to shoot the William baldwin Memorial as an ATA Big 50. Presquading will be available shortly – watch for the announcement.

Club Championship – October 19th

This is the big shoot for the year. The club championship is open to all shooters. 2 events with over 24 trophies and door prizes. This is a full day event and includes a catered lunch. Please save the date on your calendar as all shooters are encouraged to partake in this great club event. Shoot details and presquading coming soon.

Looking for Volunteers:

Your club is looking for volunteers to help out at the above mentioned events and other activities around the club. Sign up sheets will be placed at the club shortly requesting your time and skills. At the Club Championship on Oct. 19th, we can use volunteers to help sign up and register shooters, score a few rounds,  load traps, organize squads on deck, assist with the kitchen, and provide range safety. You can choose to help before or after you shoot. Please talk with any Board member for details, and…. watch for the sign-up sheets!
Thanks to all.


Please welcome Jeff Graupp to the Board of Directors

The Board is pleased to confirm that Jeff Graupp has joined our Board of Directors, filling the vacancy created when Bob Ricci resigned.

When our annual elections were held in April this year, Bob and Jeff had tied for the last Director position. With their agreement plus an announcement to the members present at the election on the process to resolve the tie, the Election Committee rolled odd/even with the Lewis Class dice, and Bob won.

Article IX of our By-Laws states explicitly there are four officers and seven directors. In addition, Article XI states in part, “ Should vacancies occur in any office, the Association shall at its next regular meeting elect another member to fill such vacancy…..”

The Board has interpreted this to mean that officer positions must be filled at the next monthly meeting, whereas director positions must be filled as soon as possible. Since the membership had voted in April and gave the identical number of votes to both Bob and Jeff, the Board decided that it was fair to ask Jeff if he would still like to join the Board in order to fill this vacancy.

He was contacted by the Club Secretary, and Jeff confirmed that he was interested.

Jeff Graupp brings many years of shooting expertise as well as event management to our Club. Please introduce yourself to him, and welcome him to the Board.

The Board thanks all members for your support and cooperation.