Happy Thanksgiving

West Chester Gun Club wishes you and your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

We are thankful for all our sportsmen and women who support and partake in the shotgun sports here in Chester County.

Our Turkey Shoots were a success with 54 fresh turkeys being awarded. We will look into awarding more next year.

Our Christmas Ham shoot will be on December 18th.


Thank you,

West Chester Gun Club

Final Turkey Shoot this Sunday

This Sunday is our Final Turkey Shoot and Bird Pick up for the winners from Day 1.

Pre-squadding is still open online.

36 spots have been reserved, only 54 remain. If you wish to shoot and possibly more than once, get you name on the list.

Pre-squadding cost nothing and you get to pick your squad an position (just like picking seats on an airplane).

Presquad today, spots might not be available on Sunday.


Turkey Raffle

During the Turkey shoot we will hold a raffle for your chance to win a turkey. Each ticket cost 50¢ and will give you 2 chances to win. We will pull the first ticket between rounds 3 & 4 and the last ticket pulled after round 5.

If you purchased tickets on Tuesday night, please plan on being at the club or calling the club house to check your numbers.