2017 Turkey Shoot

Our Annual Turkey Shoot is Here

It’s that time of year again where we shoot to win our Thanksgiving dinner. This year we are purchasing over 50 fresh turkeys to be won over 2 weekends.

The first shoot will take place on Saturday November 11th @ 10:00 am.

The second shoot and turkey pick up day is Sunday November 19th @ 10:00 am. 


The turkeys for this event are fresh birds raised here in Chester County. They are all natural and will weigh in the 17-19 lbs area. These are not your store bought birds as they cost us over $40 per bird.

Meat Shoot Process

  • Each shoot day there will be up to 8 events to participate in.
  • Each event has 15 shooters shooting on 3 traps from the 16 yard line.
  • The shooters shoot a normal round of trap and all scores are recorded.
  • The scores are then listed High to Low and divided into 4 groups, Lewis Class style. (top 3 scores, next 4 scores, following 4 scores, and final 4 scores)
  • If your score is at the top of the division line, you win a turkey. If there is a tie, a tie breaking method is used to determine the winner. (see below for tie breaking)
  • Winners are given a receipt ticket to claim their fresh turkey on Sunday November 19th.
  • Each event cost $15 to participate and a shooter may compete as many times they can squad for.
  • Events short shooters will still run but with fewer prizes. (5 shooters = 1 bird, 8 shooters = 2 birds, 12 shooters = 3 birds, 15 shooters = 4 birds.)

Save Your Spot

Use our Eventbrite registration form to save a spot on either day. Note, this is similar to a seating chart for concerts or events. You need to select the event number (row) and post position.

  • If you wish to shoot in 3 events, you need to reserve a spot in 3 rows.
  • If you are not at the club 15 minutes before your squad is sent out, your spot will be forfeited to a shooter on the property.

Pre-Register Now for Free

Day 1 Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wcgc-2017-turkey-shoot-day-1-tickets-39504100829

Day 2 Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wcgc-2017-turkey-shoot-day-2-tickets-39504310456


Lewis Class Example

Full lewis class rules and example is available on our web site at https://www.westchestergunclub.com/about-trapshooting/prizes-options/money-options/lewis-class/

Scores are listed and divided into classes of 3|4|4|4 scores. Scores at the top of the class are winners or tied for winning.

Score Note
25 Winner
22 (Potential Winner – Score moves down as similar scores are below the division line)
22 (Potential Winner)
22 (Potential Winner)
21 (More similar scores are above division line, score moves up)
20 (Potential Winner)
20 (Potential Winner)
19 Potential Winner – more similar scores are below the division line, this score moves down to top of class )
19 (Potential Winner)
19 (Potential Winner)

Tie Determination

To keep the event moving and make it fair for all that are participating, in the event of a tie a tie breaker is employed. In the past we have had the house or shooters pull numbers out of a hat to award the shooters with a numerical value. the higher number in each tied class would win the prize.

This year, in place of having shooters pull their numbers, each event employs a random number generator to assign each post a value. The values are not announced or known by the shooters or staff prior to the event and change for each event. Once the score are returned to the desk, scores are transferred to their place on the score sheet (1 per event). Each shooters score is recorded on the sheet in their proper squad and post. The random number is then used to determine the winners of any ties based on score.

Remember. You don’t need to be good, just lucky, but being good doesn’t hurt.

See example sheet below: