2018 Turkey Shoot

Our Annual Turkey Shoot is Here

It’s that time of year again where we shoot to win our Thanksgiving dinner. This year we are purchasing over 70 fresh turkeys to be won over 2 weekends.

The first shoot will take place on Saturday November 10th @ 10:00 am.

The second shoot and turkey pick up day is Sunday November 18th @ 10:00 am. 


The turkeys for this event are fresh birds raised here in Chester County. They are all natural and will weigh in the 17-19 lbs area. These are not your store bought birds as they cost us over $40 per bird.

Meat Shoot Process

  • Each shoot day there will be up to 8 events to participate in.
  • Each event has 15 shooters shooting on 3 traps from the 16 yard line.
  • The shooters shoot a normal round of trap and all scores are recorded.
  • The scores are then listed High to Low and divided into 4 groups, Lewis Class style. (top 3 scores, next 4 scores, following 4 scores, and final 4 scores)
  • If your score is at the top of the division line, you win a turkey. If there is a tie, a tie breaking method is used to determine the winner. (see below for tie breaking)
  • Winners are given a receipt ticket to claim their fresh turkey on Sunday November 18th.
  • Each event cost $18 to participate and a shooter may compete as many times they can squad for.
  • Events short shooters will still run but with fewer prizes. (5 shooters = 1 bird, 8 shooters = 2 birds, 12 shooters = 3 birds, 15 shooters = 4 birds.)


Lewis Class Example

Full lewis class rules and example is available on our web site at https://www.westchestergunclub.com/about-trapshooting/prizes-options/money-options/lewis-class/

Scores are listed and divided into classes of 3|4|4|4 scores. Scores at the top of the class are winners or tied for winning.

Score Note
25 Winner
22 (Potential Winner – Score moves down as similar scores are below the division line)
22 (Potential Winner)
22 (Potential Winner)
21 (More similar scores are above division line, score moves up)
20 (Potential Winner)
20 (Potential Winner)
19 Potential Winner – more similar scores are below the division line, this score moves down to top of class )
19 (Potential Winner)
19 (Potential Winner)

Tie Determination

In case of ties, each shooter will reach into a bucket to pull a numbered chip. The shooter who pulls the highest number will be awarded the bird.

Remember. You don’t need to be good, just lucky, but being good doesn’t hurt.

See example sheet below:

2017 Club Championship – October 15

The 2017 Club Championships will be held on October 15th, starting at 9:00 am. This shoot is open to ALL shooters of ALL ability for a fun filled day which includes free lunch. Trophies are pure silver coins & bars in open and club member categories. Club members are eligible for both member and open, while non club members are only eligible for open category trophies. With added money to the lewis class, there are numerous ways to win.

Nick Minetti Memorial Singles Championship

  • Open to all shooters.
  • This event is 100 targets from the 16 yard line.
  • Trophies awarded in Club Member and Open categories.
  • 4 trophies awarded by lewis class giving shooters of all ability a chance to win some silver.


Added money lewis class for $5 per event. The club is starting the singles lewis class pot at $200.
(lewis class is a skill and luck based award)
10 shooters per class. Two scores per class. 60/40 split.

Trophy list below


William Baldwin Memorial Handicap Championship

  • Open to all shooters with or without ATA handicapping.
  • This event is 100 targets from the shooters known handicap.
  • Trophies awarded in Club Member and Open categories.
  • Non-ATA shooters or shooter not meeting the target requirements will shoot from the 23 yard line minimum.
  • Target requirements are 800 registered targets in the past 3 years.


Added money lewis class for $5 per event.. The club is starting the singles lewis class pot at $200.
(lewis class is a skill and luck based award)
10 shooters per class. Two scores per class. 60/40 split.


Trophy List

The following trophies are available.

  • High Over All (highest combined score from Singles and Handicap events)
  • Singles Club Champ
  • Singles Open Club Champ
  • Singles Club Runner Up
  • Singles Sr Vet
  • Singles Vet
  • Singles Lady Club
  • Singles Lady Open
  • Singles Junior
  • 4 Lewis Class prizes ( In place of classes we are awarding 4 prizes lewis class style from all scores that have not won a trophy as listed above. Follows lewis class rules with a single winner or in case of tie, reverse run. )
  • Handicap Club Champ
  • Handicap Club Runner up
  • Handicap Open Champ
  • Handicap Sr Vet
  • Handicap Vet
  • Handicap Lady Club
  • Handicap Lady Open
  • Handicap Junior
  • Handicap 18-21 Yardage
  • Handicap 22-24 Yardage
  • Handicap 25-27 Yardage

2 New Fundraiser Shoots

We are proud to host 2 fundraiser shoots this fall.

Ruffed Grouse Society Fun Shoot – Saturday September 16th

Ruffed Grouse SocietyJoin the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Ruffed Grouse Society for the Annual Fun Shoot.

The proceeds of the shoot will be used for local habitat projects.

Event Entry Options

Adult: $40 – Lunch and 2 Rounds of Trap
Youth (under 16): Free! – Lunch and 2 Rounds of Trap
Lunch Only: $30
Additional rounds of trap: $5

Event Information =, Registration & RSVP

First West Chester Fire Company Shoot

West Chester Fire DepartmentJoin the West Chester Fire Company for their first annual trap shoot to raise funds supporting the fire company.

This 50 bird fun shoot includes 2 rounds of trap. Additional rounds can be purchased as well.

Shoot Format:

  • 2 rounds of trap for 50 targets total
  • Coach and gun rental available for new shooters
  • Shoot begins at 10:00 AM
  • Ammo not included but can be purchased at the event

50/50 Tickets & Raffle

During the event 50/50 tickets will be sold along with a raffle to win a 1 hour private handgun lesson from Jame Benoit of Cajun Arms.

Event Information & Ticket Purchase

Final Turkey Shoot this Sunday

This Sunday is our Final Turkey Shoot and Bird Pick up for the winners from Day 1.

Pre-squadding is still open online.

36 spots have been reserved, only 54 remain. If you wish to shoot and possibly more than once, get you name on the list.

Pre-squadding cost nothing and you get to pick your squad an position (just like picking seats on an airplane).

Presquad today, spots might not be available on Sunday.


Turkey Raffle

During the Turkey shoot we will hold a raffle for your chance to win a turkey. Each ticket cost 50¢ and will give you 2 chances to win. We will pull the first ticket between rounds 3 & 4 and the last ticket pulled after round 5.

If you purchased tickets on Tuesday night, please plan on being at the club or calling the club house to check your numbers.

Chester County Day Shoot Results

Congratulations to John Cavalli with his High Over All of 191 to take home the Championship.

The remaining prizes are:

Shooter Name Trophy
Ray Natale Jr. Singles Club Champion
Dave Pennypacker Singles Club Runner Up
Reid Cohn A Singles Open Champion
Gerry Little Singles Sr. Vet
Rick Scholz Singles Vet
Celesta Moore Singles Lady Club
Robin Pinch Singles Lady Open
Fran Jacobs iv Singles Junior
Kris Ray Singles Class A
Jon Karmilowicz Jr. Singles Class B
Rob Rittler Singles Class C
Kurt William Singles Class D
Nathan Metzler Handicap Open Champ
Victor Krone Handicap Club Champ
Nick Fantanarosa Handicap Club Runner Up
Jon Karmilowicz Sr. Handicap Sr. Vet
Charlie Suter Handicap Vet
Celesta Moore Handicap Lady Club
Robin Pinch Handicap Lady Open
Fran Jacobs iv Handicap Junior
Bob Hofman Handicap 25-27 Yards
Jon Karmilowicz Jr. Handicap 22-24 Yards
Karen Fini Handicap 18-21 Yards
Chester County Days Silver Trophy Prizes.

Chester County Days Silver Trophy Prizes.

Full results at: http://www.westchestergunclub.com/news/shoot_results/2016-chester-county-days/

Turkey Shoot 2015

It’s time to host our annual turkey shoots. These are not your normal meat shoots. The turkeys are 17 – 19 lbs fresh turkeys from a local farm. You will not get a frozen store bought bird here.

This year we have 48 birds to award in 12 events. Saturday November 14th at 10:00 am will be our first day with 6 events. Our next event day is Sunday November 22 at 10:00 am.

Rules of the turkey shoot.

The turkey shoot is a 25 target singles event (16 yards) where 15 shooters (3 squads) are shooting for their best score. The scores are then reviewed and divided into 4 Lewis classes. The top score of each class is awarded the turkey. In case of ties, each shooter will reach into the bucket to pull a numbered chip. The shooter who pulls the highest number will be awarded the bird. (Skill and luck will award prizes)

For complete details on how lewis class works, visit our lewis class page.


Pre squading for the shoot is encouraged. Please only pre-squad for the number of events you can guarantee to shoot. Persuading is done via a third party website. Please register there. A presquad sheet will be available at the club house on Tuesday before the event as well. If you need assistance, one of the desk workers should be able to reserve a spot for you using the computer at the club house.

Presquad for Day 1:

Presquad for Day 2:

2015 Club Championship – October 18th

2015_ClubChampionshipLogo_360Sunday October 18th the 2015 Club Championship returns.

Join us for a full day of shooting with Singles in the morning followed by Handicap. This event is open to all shooters as we shoot 100 targets in each discipline.

This year we have increased our trophies and after the great success of our ATA Silver Shoot, we are awarding silver for all trophies. The High Overall, Champions, and Runner ups will win Silver Shotgun Shells as part of their trophy allotment.

Full rules and details at http://www.westchestergunclub.com/event/2015clubchampionship

NRA Coach Certification Course

NRA Coach PatchThe next round of NRA Certified Coach training is this November 28 and 29. This 2 day class will teach students the fundimentals of coaching and upon successful completion award each student with a Level 1 NRA Coach Certification which then can be submitted tot eh ATA for ATA Coach Level 1 certification.

To register students will have to register with the NRA site and then submit payment for the course at the club website. West Chester Gun Club members can receive a $50 discount to the course by entering a coupon code at checkout.

Step 1:

Register for the course at NRAinstructors.org

Step 2:

Submit payment to the club for your materials. Club members contact lessons@westchestergunclub.com for your coupon code.

Step 3:

Bring your self and a willing to learn tot he club on Nov 28 & 29.

Club Elections on Tuesday April 7

All members with over 1 year of membership and that have renewed for 2015 are invited to vote for your new Board of Directors. We have 10 candidates for 7 positions. Please come out Tuesday at 6:00 to vote.

This years candidates are:

Officers: 4 positions –
President –            Rick Reinhardt
Vice President –     Joe Prestia
Treasurer –            Jason Stein
Secretary –            Pete Alois
Directors: 7 positions –
Bud Fini
Jeff Graupp
Bob Hachadoorian
Bob Hofman
Fran Jacobs
Bruce McWilliams
Brian Murray
Dave Pennypacker
Stacey Reinhardt
Charlie Suter
This years voting process will be electronically tallied to reduce the amount of time it takes to get the results. The firing lines will re-open after the vote.