Club Championships – Oct 4

On Sunday October 4, 2020 West Chester Gun Club will be hosting the annual Club Championship event.  This event is open to all club members and guests as a way of saying thank you for another great year.  In order to be eligible to win one of 17 pure silver bullion trophies participants can shoot in any of the following categories;

West Chester Club Champion = HOA   16’s + HDC 

Singles 16’sHandicap 23 yards
16’s Club ChampHDC Club Champ
16’s Club Runner-upHDC Club Runner-up
16’s Open ChampHDC Open Champ
16’s Vet. ChampHDC Vet. Champ
16’s Sr. Vet. ChampHDC Sr. Vet Champ
16’s Lady Club ChampHDC Lady Club Champ
16’s Lady Open ChampHDC Lady Open Champ
16’s Jr. Open ChampHDC Jr. Open Champ

Entry into each shooting category is $30 and includes a free lunch for the participant.  


  • ATA rules will govern this event.
  • Club Championship is open to members in good standing. 
  • Registration for singles opens at 9:30am and closes at 11:30am.
  • Only Club Members are eligible for Club Championship and Runner-up trophies.
  • All shooters are eligible for Open Class trophies.
  • Minimum 1 shooter per category to award trophy.
  • Shooters 65+ years of age are eligible for the Veteran Trophy. Shooters 70+ are eligible for the Sr. Vet Trophy
  • High Over All will be awarded to the Club Member with the most targets hit during both 16s and Handicap categories. 
  • No participant can win more than one trophy. 
  • All Handicap will be shot from the 23-yard line.  
  • Any ties for trophies will result in a shoot off, if time permits. Otherwise, the winner will be determined by reverse count starting with 16’s. 

* West Chester Gun Club reserves the right to any entry or alter this event should any conditions change (i.e. weather)