Do WCGC have gun rentals?

West Chester Gun Club has a few shotguns on hand for use in our educational programs. When not used in an instructional setting they may be available for use by members or guests of members.

All uses of the clubs guns are at the discretion of the range master, instructor, coach, and club management.

We have 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and 20 youth models for use.

What is the age limit for shooting at West Chester Gun Club

We do not have an age limit. Minors under the age of 18 are required to be on the grounds with a parent or guardian.  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure the minor has safe firearm handling skills and does not pose a treat to themselves or others.

West Chester Gun Club has the right to check the safety skills of any shooter on the grounds before the shooter joins a squad. Management, the range safety officer, or any shooter can call a cease fire to address any safety issue. Any shooter or parent can ask for a safety review or training for new shooters.

We feel this sport is a great way for families to spend time together and we welcome young shooters. Please see our hosted youth program for more information about young shooters.

What is the benefit of becoming a member?

The immediate benefit of becoming a member is that you will no longer have to pay a daily membership fee.

After 1 year of membership (April to March) and as long as you have continued to have not lapsed in membership, you can run for the Board of Directors and participate in the election of the Board. As the club is run by it’s members, for it’s members, the Board directs the activities and operations of the club in supporting it’s members.

Special Member only events

Supporting shotgun sports in Chester County

Do you have pistol or rifle ranges?


We are a trap and shotgun club only. We do not have facilities for pistol or rifle.

If you are looking for pistol and rifle ranges try these ranges and private clubs near us.

Open to the Public Ranges:

For a list of clubs that shoot clays, visit

Do I need to be a member of a gun club to shoot trap?

West Chester Gun Club is open to the public along with all registered shoots are open to the public.

There is  a nominal fee for practice, and sometimes an extra charge for a “prize” shoot, but generally in target shooting, the cost of the targets is very minimal.

If you wish to shoot registered shoots, you must be a member of the ATA. You can join the ATA right at the club on the day of the shoot.

All guests are required to read and sign a waiver. Print and bring this waiver to the club.