Please welcome Jeff Graupp to the Board of Directors

The Board is pleased to confirm that Jeff Graupp has joined our Board of Directors, filling the vacancy created when Bob Ricci resigned.

When our annual elections were held in April this year, Bob and Jeff had tied for the last Director position. With their agreement plus an announcement to the members present at the election on the process to resolve the tie, the Election Committee rolled odd/even with the Lewis Class dice, and Bob won.

Article IX of our By-Laws states explicitly there are four officers and seven directors. In addition, Article XI states in part, “ Should vacancies occur in any office, the Association shall at its next regular meeting elect another member to fill such vacancy…..”

The Board has interpreted this to mean that officer positions must be filled at the next monthly meeting, whereas director positions must be filled as soon as possible. Since the membership had voted in April and gave the identical number of votes to both Bob and Jeff, the Board decided that it was fair to ask Jeff if he would still like to join the Board in order to fill this vacancy.

He was contacted by the Club Secretary, and Jeff confirmed that he was interested.

Jeff Graupp brings many years of shooting expertise as well as event management to our Club. Please introduce yourself to him, and welcome him to the Board.

The Board thanks all members for your support and cooperation.