Achievement Patches Score Board

Starting soon you will have your chance to shoot for our achievement patches.

Shooters who accomplish a 25, 50, 75, or 100 bird straight will be awarded the corresponding patch. Shooters will have their names listed on the scoreboard below.

Rules and procedures:

All shooters who visit West Chester Gun Club are eligible to win achievement patches. A shooter may win one or more on any visit. All score above 25 need to be recorded during an event, ATA, AIM, green bird, or other scored shoot. Scored practice rounds can be used as long as the score keeper is a member of the club or a designated puller or if multiple witnesses acknowledge the achievement and report to a board member. All rounds need to be shot in consecutive order with no practice rounds in-between scored rounds. Shooters may record multiple straights and will only be awarded 1 patch for each achievement level.

Congratulations to:

Shooter 25 50 75 100
Andrew Moscia x
Bud Fini x
Charles Roberts x
Charlie Adams x x
Chris Bartlett x
Clark Robertson x
Connie Nielson x
Dave PenneyPacker x x
David Comroe x
David Pennypacker x x x x
Douglas Hepburn x
Edward Drumheller x
Emily Malone x
Gerald Oleski x
Gil Welsford x
Jack Rodgers x
Jacob Heess x
James McCurry x
Jason Stein x
Jeffrey Graupp x
Joe Prestia x x
John Cashman x
John Chernous x x x x
John Deisher x
John Deisher III x x
Jon Karmilowicz x x
Kris Ray x
Luigi Liberato x
Luke Cowart x x x x
Mark Betzko x
Michael Fantanarosa x
Michael Guscott x
Michael Winigrad x
Nicholas Fantanarosa x
Peter McGowan x
Paul Radel x
Randy Chowns x
Robert Fieo x x x
Robert Hofman x
Robert Thompson x
Robert Thomsen x
Sang Na x
Scott Felix x
Thomas Armstrong x
Thomas Russo x x
Tom Armstrong x
William Prakash x
Willie Kurz x