2015 Chester County Days

2015 Chester County Days

Thank you to the 74 shooters that braved the 90 heat and high humidity to shoot with us.

Lewis money will be available at the club house or mail check to our guest shooters. Trophy winners who were unable to claim their trophy will be contacted and arrange a transfer or mailing of the trophy. Use the contact form to arrange a transfer if I have not reached out to you yet.

Singles Event:

73 shooters.

Singles Trophy Report
Singles Lewis Splits
Singles Lewis Class 1
Singles Lewis Class 2
Singles Lewis Class 3
Singles Lewis Class 4

Handicap Event:

29 shooters.

Handicap Trophy Report
Handicap Lewis Split
Handicap Lewis Class 1
Handicap Lewis Class 2

High Over All

High Overall Report

Trophy Results:

High Over All:

High Over All: Nick Fantanarosa (191)


Singles Club Champion: Dave Pennypacker (99)
Singles Open Champion: Ed Drumheller (99)
Singles Club Runner-up: Mike Winigrad (98)
Singles Sr. Vet: Luigi Liberato (94)
Singles Vet: Geoff Roehrs (94) *
Singles Lady Club: Celeste Moore (89)
Singles Lady Open: Alicia McGowan (84)
Singles Junior: Luke Cowart (93) **
Singles Class A: Ray Natale (97)
Singles Class B: Michael Fantanarosa (97)
Singles Class C: Robert Rittler (96)
Singles Class D: Peter McGowan (96)
* shooter 1313827 was classified as Vet but on further review was 1 year short of vet status. Score sheet shows improper classification.
** 75 target shoot off


Handicap Club Champion: Luke Cowart (96)
Handicap Open Champion: Douglas Hepburn (93)
Handicap Club Runner-up: Mike Winigrad (92)
Handicap Sr. Vet: Joe Prestia (91)
Handicap Vet: Robert Fieo (86)
Handicap Lady Club: Celeste Moore (84)
Handicap Lady Open: No Entries
Handicap Junior: Nick Miley (78)
Handicap 18-21 Yards: Pete Farrand (93)
Handicap 22-24 Yards: Scott Felix (92)
Handicap 25-27 Yards: Michael Fantanarosa (90)

Shoot Recap:

WCGC holds strictly to the rules govern by the ATA in all it’s events. We do not tolerate shooters cherry picking the rules to suit their need, causing a disruption of the shoot, nor causing an unfair advantage to other shooters. Each ATA competitor is given a copy of the rules when they register with the ATA. It is the shooters responsibility to know and follow the rules. Rules are updated yearly and are always available at the ATA website

Rules in question at this event:

10. To preserve the harmony of the competition,no member of a squad shall move toward the next post or leave the field until the squad member who is last has fired his/her final shot of the current post’s specified number of targets.

2. When a whole target appears promptly after a contestant’s recognizable command and is within the legal limits of flight and the contestant voluntarily does not fire;

The following procedure shall be followed in all tournaments:

1. A contestant shall be allowed two (2) failures to fire in Singles and Handicap events, for any reason other than stated in Paragraph C.,2. above, during each sub-event regardless of the length of the sub-event. When the first or second allowable Failure to Fire in any sub-event occurs, the contestant shall be allowed to call for and fire at another target, and the result of the shot will be scored in accordance with these Official Rules. During shoot-offs for All Around and High Over All events shooters will be allowed 1 Failure to Fire in each of the three (3) disciplines (Singles, Handicap, Doubles).

2. A contestant shall be allowed 2 failures to fire for any reason (other than stated in Paragraph C.,2., above)


1. A shooter may be disqualified for an event or for a whole tournament at any time by Shoot Management, or at any time by the Executive Committee or such person as they shall designate for that purpose, or disciplined by the Executive Committee, whenever the following prohibited conduct is brought to their attention:

a. if in the opinion of Management or the Executive Committee the shooter disrupts the harmony of the shoot, or


The shooter who left mid post was allowed to register their last 7 targets they made up but was removed from being able to win a trophy for the sub event.

The shooter that questioned the failure to fire rules was corrected of their understanding of the rules.


Shoot management has final ruling of the days event and sub events. All issues with competitors, equipment, and event procedures are to be dealt with by shoot management and the shooter/ squad shall not make changes to the shoot program without requesting a review with management.