Summer Fun League Starts May 8th

The Summer League is a fun shoot where each shooter shoots up to 12; 50 bird scored rounds. Their top 8 rounds are used to determine their League score. There is no additional cost to be in the summer league.

Similar to golf, shooters earn a handicap to be awarded extra targets. A shooters handicap is their ATA average or their first 4 scored rounds.

Once a shooters handicap is established, they can shoot any Tuesday or Sunday till the end of August.  Scored rounds can also be ATA Big 50’s or Green Bird.

If the shooter has a handicap below 95% (47.5 targets out of 50) they will be awarded targets for the next score. This rewards a shooter’s improvement.

Try the Summer League Target Calculator

Getting started is easy. Look for the scored round sign-up sheets at the desk. Sign up and mark what scored round games(s) you want to play.

ATA Big 50 Shooters – Still no ATA day fee until the state shoot in June. Shoot the Big 50 for $10. (no club or ATA day fee)