Turkey Shoot 2015

It’s time to host our annual turkey shoots. These are not your normal meat shoots. The turkeys are 17 – 19 lbs fresh turkeys from a local farm. You will not get a frozen store bought bird here.

This year we have 48 birds to award in 12 events. Saturday November 14th at 10:00 am will be our first day with 6 events. Our next event day is Sunday November 22 at 10:00 am.

Rules of the turkey shoot.

The turkey shoot is a 25 target singles event (16 yards) where 15 shooters (3 squads) are shooting for their best score. The scores are then reviewed and divided into 4 Lewis classes. The top score of each class is awarded the turkey. In case of ties, each shooter will reach into the bucket to pull a numbered chip. The shooter who pulls the highest number will be awarded the bird. (Skill and luck will award prizes)

For complete details on how lewis class works, visit our lewis class page.


Pre squading for the shoot is encouraged. Please only pre-squad for the number of events you can guarantee to shoot. Persuading is done via a third party website. Please register there. A presquad sheet will be available at the club house on Tuesday before the event as well. If you need assistance, one of the desk workers should be able to reserve a spot for you using the computer at the club house.

Presquad for Day 1:

Presquad for Day 2: