2018 Membership Renewal


Renew your membership for the 2018 – 2019 season. Please only use this form for renewals. New memberships should be purchased through the voucher or at the club. All prospective new members must attend a safety check before having a membership card issued.

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    Safety is paramount at West Chester Gun Club. Please review these rules all shooters must follow on the club grounds. Any shooter posing a danger to others will be subject to removal from the club grounds & membership can be revoked if a shooter continues to show poor safety procedures.

    Range Rules:

    • Maintain Muzzle control at ALL times.
    • No handling or uncasing of firearms when people are down range.
    • Do not approach the firing line when an orange cone is placed on top of the trap house.
    • An uncased shotgun must be in use on the firing line or in the racks, unloaded with the action open where possible.
    • When moving with a firearm, have the action open and the muzzle straight up or directly at the ground.
    • Actions may be closed only when it is your turn to shoot.
    • Load only on the firing line.
    • Single projectiles or larger shot are NOT allowed. Small shot only (#7 1/2 or smaller)
    • All shooting shall be in front of the light poles.
    • Only clay birds thrown by the association machine may be shot on the trap range.
    • Pick up all empty shells. Help keep the area clean at all times.
    • Follow all safety directions of Range Masters and Club Management
    • All new members are subject to a safety check before membership is granted.
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The 2018 Club Membership is good from time of purchase to March 31, 2019.

Renewals need to be completed by April 3, 2018 to be keep membership in good standing for voting rights.

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